Create your character with BOTH the point buy system of a value of 20 points. If you need instructions to the point system you can find them here. Do not use more than these twenty points or else your characters will be far stronger than everything I can trow at you. I also want everyone to create their characters with dice rolls. Just call me old fashioned. Please have these scores saved it will be decided what rules we are using when the session begins and I’ll determine how difficult it is for your characters.

Also please include in your character sheets a brief background. I’ll reference TheRogueFormerlyKnownAsPrince’s character sheet for a great background here.

For starting gold you will receive 16,000 gold as per the core rule book page 399. This is even if you are starting a character after the campaign has started. An example, lets say that another player starts a month into the campaign they will create a character at the same level as the average party level but they will only have 16,000 gold to spend. I am doing this to discourage character changes, not new entries to the group.

So just a reminder:
I need a complete character sheet included online, including all items your character is currently carrying. I know that this get tedious from session but make sure the major items are included. I’ll be referencing this site for your characters when I write ahead for the sessions.
Please write on your character sheet any changes we have made to your character that are against the pathfinder rules. For example we changed the quick draw rule for potions, wands, scrolls, and other magic items to be valid if these items are in a location that is easily accessible for the person. If you keep these items in your pack then it will be extremely difficult to draw these items.

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