A Twist in Gamming

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Level 2 – Before Heading into the Catacombs of Wrath

Level 3 – Just before Thistletop

Level 4 – End of Burnt Offerings

Level 5 – Just before Misgivings

Level 6 – End of Misgivings

Level 7 – End of Skinsaw Murders

Level 8 – After Graul Farmstead

Level 9 – After retaking the Fort
(Maybe after the damn?)

Level 10 – End of Hook Mountain Massacre

Level 11 – Reaching Jorgenfist
(by XP I am guessing they would be part way through Jorgenfist, but I like the cleaner cut off point when using this method)

Level 12 – End of Fortress of the Stone Giants

Level 13 – Entering the Runeforge
(Like above, they would likely level within the runforge, but I like the cleaner line; that and if you add in a lot of RP like I do then there is a bigger lag caused by the time all that takes)

Level 14 – End of Sins of the Saviors

Level 15 – Entering the Pinnacle of Avarice

Level 16 – Beginning fight with Karzoug


Leveling Guide

Level 6 – Start of the new campaign.

We will be moving to the new system of experience. That also means that we need to keep track. There are two options for this system. First you each earn individual experience on your own. Second we average the experience with the entire party. This can work in your favor and it will stop some of you from killing everyone and getting ahead.

Let me know what you think.

Please ignore this link it is a reference guide for me to use in order to maintain a decent CR level with your characters. I hope you enjoy your adventure.


So it begins.....

So we have a grand new adventure awaiting us. I wanted to post here just to give you all a refresher of what happened last time we were together.

You had all planned on going your own seperate ways. It was tough but all of you had your fair share of adventure together. On the morning before you departed a little girl desperately came to you for your help. Her brother was trapped and she couldn’t save him. It wasn’t a very difficult task. As an offer of thanks she gave you her mothers necklace, who just so happened to be a witch.

Well to make your day better you were all enjoying the final meal together and well, the town got attacked by a tarrasque a legendary monster that you couldn’t beat. So life as you know it is now gone. And the town of Sandpoint…. well lets just say maps were no longer accurate.

After a thousand years you all have been pulled out of the abyss of death. A man begging for your help to stop an organization of terrible power. When you awoke there were strange masks attached to your faces. You were told that they were to help you understand language.

So I hope you enjoy this adventure. It may hold the key to understand the past.

click on this link for some fun.

Are you ready?
Tomorrow is the big day

So tomorrow is the big day. I hope you are all ready and I can’t wait to start a new adventure. This will be a chance to say goodbye to our previous story and begin again. I hope that you all look forward to this adventure as much as I do.

Remember you may find some cool information if you take a look at our wiki.


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