A Twist in Gamming

Leveling Guide

Level 6 – Start of the new campaign.

We will be moving to the new system of experience. That also means that we need to keep track. There are two options for this system. First you each earn individual experience on your own. Second we average the experience with the entire party. This can work in your favor and it will stop some of you from killing everyone and getting ahead.

Let me know what you think.

Please ignore this link it is a reference guide for me to use in order to maintain a decent CR level with your characters. I hope you enjoy your adventure.



My vote is for experience to be shared. I think this will encourage us to work as a team. Otherwise, I fear it will be a competition for who lands the killing blow. The other issue, as the healer/support character, I would be left in the dust.

Leveling Guide

Well, do you only get XP for killing? or is it awarded based on what you do? if its solely on killing sharing might be the best, but if you can get XP for roleplaying, helping the party, or solving puzzles as well as killing individual might be better as you have more control on your leveling up, this would also prevent people from getting XP without really doing anything, also I feel like it would be a cooler feeling to know that you got “X” amount of XP for what youve done kind of a cool motivator

Leveling Guide
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