A Twist in Gamming


Level 2 – Before Heading into the Catacombs of Wrath

Level 3 – Just before Thistletop

Level 4 – End of Burnt Offerings

Level 5 – Just before Misgivings

Level 6 – End of Misgivings

Level 7 – End of Skinsaw Murders

Level 8 – After Graul Farmstead

Level 9 – After retaking the Fort
(Maybe after the damn?)

Level 10 – End of Hook Mountain Massacre

Level 11 – Reaching Jorgenfist
(by XP I am guessing they would be part way through Jorgenfist, but I like the cleaner cut off point when using this method)

Level 12 – End of Fortress of the Stone Giants

Level 13 – Entering the Runeforge
(Like above, they would likely level within the runforge, but I like the cleaner line; that and if you add in a lot of RP like I do then there is a bigger lag caused by the time all that takes)

Level 14 – End of Sins of the Saviors

Level 15 – Entering the Pinnacle of Avarice

Level 16 – Beginning fight with Karzoug



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